You already know about Noah.

Just wait until you read the animal's story.

Preliminary cover sketches for Thimblerig's Ark by talented artist Burton Booz:

Nate Fleming • A Brief Bio

Nate loves the life of the expat, having spent the last sixteen years living in Kazakhstan and China.  In Kazakhstan, he founded the Kazakhstan English Language Theater, the first English language theater in Central Asia.   Nate is also an educator, and has taught upper Elementary and theater in some pretty far-out international situations, currently in Shenzhen, China. He's the proud papa of three brilliant and beautiful children, and the husband of the lovely Koolyash.  Nate is currently working on Thimblerig's Ark 2: The Ark Heist, which he plans to publish soon.

Thimblerig's Ark was conceived while Nate sat in Tommy Condon's Irish Pub in Charleston, South Carolina, listening to the band play a song about why the unicorn missed out on Noah's Ark.  Thimblerig's Ark looks at how the animals all made it there in the first place, focusing on a con-artist groundhog named Thimblerig.