​You already know about Noah.

Just wait until you read the animal's story.



"In crafting the story of Thimblerig's Ark, Nathan Fleming has created a journey that will inspire readers of any age.  Thimblerig's transformation from a self-interested grifter to a hero shows how the power of one can lead and change an entire community, and how there is always room in life for redemption and second chances.  These are powerful lessons for young readers as they embark on their own journeys in life, and equally powerful lessons for adults as we try to teach our young how to care for others in the choices they make and actions they take.  As a teacher of young readers myself, I look forward to having the opportunity to take my students on Thimblerig's journey soon!" 

Jacyntha England
ISS International School, Singapore

This was an enjoyable little read. Nate has done a good job for a first novel (self-published at that!) of creating a very interesting and creative world; very "Narnia-esk" in its symbolism and imagery... My first inclination was to think that this was the animal's side of the Noah story. However, this is more a book of redemption with a powerful story of a loner con-hog whose encounter with the king of unicorns changes his life and others forever."

Scott Norris
​Goodreads Reviewer

"I read it in 2 days because I couldn't put it down! Can't wait for the second book!" 

Kaz, 11 years old, ​Doha, Oman