You already know about Noah.
Just wait until you read the animal's story.


What is a Thimblerig, anyway?

If you've ever visited a crowded touristy place, you've seen these guys at work - street cons playing games like three card monte or the shell game.  These con artists have two main goals:  first, to separate you from your hard earned cash; second, to do it without getting caught.  In Thimblerig's Ark, the unlikely hero of our story is a con artist groundhog who specializes in running the shell game, and his name is Thimblerig.

But wait!  What is the shell game?  My friends, the shell game is that famous ancient con where the swindler has three cups and a pea, and the sucker has to guess under which cup the pea resides, and money is bet and lost in the process.  In the early 1800's, this game became known as "Thimblerig" and swindling someone became known as "thimblerigging".   

But how do you pronounce it?  Simple.  You put two easy words together:  "Thimble" and "rig".  Thimblerig!  Say it a couple of times, and you'll be right in the game.  

Speaking of being in the game, check out the video to see Thimblerig being played by the master, Harry Anderson, and follow the other link to try your hand at a game of Thimblerig yourself.   
But don't try and outfox the con artist!  He'll win every time.  

‚ÄčEven if the con is a groundhog.